Mute doesn't work

My understanding of mute is, when you mute an instrument, effect, channel or whatever, it should stop sounding. Bute when I mute in BFD a channel, lets say the crash, it still makes noise. And this is coming from the mics.
For me this makes no sense. This is for my understanding no mute, when you can’t stop the bleeding through the mics for one channel.

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Which mutes are you using? There are several in BFD.

  • Mute in the tech/model kitpiece inspector panel. This mutes the drum slot. All sound that specific slot generates, will no longer generate.
  • Mute on the mixer faders. This mutes just the audio for that specific channel. It will not affect any other channels in the mixer.
  • Mute in the groove editor. This mutes the note trigger events. It doesn’t affect the audio signals directly, and you will still hear any potential bleed signals. If you only mute one articulation for the drum, you can still potentially hear all of the other articulations too.

Please give the product manual a thorough read for more details: BFD3 Operation Manual

Dear Drew, I did check the manual before, trying to get an answer. But there is none to my question. Or in other words, for me not working like described. And I already wrote, “…when I mute a channel,”. This is not the groove editor, or the others described by you. But to make it clear, I add a screenshot.
Thanks for your help.

Because the cymbal sound is still coming through the ambient channels? Muting as you are in the screenshot, is just muting the direct signal for those cymbals. If you want to mute the cymbal globally, so that it doesn’t come out of the ambient channels, you have to mute from the Tech page.

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Hi Fender_Bender,

exact. And unfortunately it is also not a solution to pull down the fader of the ambmix channels. Even mute and taking the fader down has no big effect. And yes, thanks for the hint, on the Tech page, I can tweak it better there, switching off all the bleedings, but I still don’t understand the concept mixer channels with mute and faders, which do not have an effect on the sound.
Using BFD now for I don’t know how long. The sound out of the box, was until now, always fine for me.
First I thought it is caused by the latest update. But I rolled back to the previous version and still the same.
But it is also a while ago, I used BFD Drums in a song, so I don’t know, why and when this kind of problem for me could have appeared already before. I only just noticed it now.

Maybe explain exactly what it is that you are trying to do? Muting a kit piece from the Tech page and turning off any bleed, should yield no sound from that kit piece afaik. That’s assuming you are routing channels only inside BFD and not multi outputs to DAW.

When you mic up a drumkit, you use lots of different microphones. One microphone picks up the sound of all drums. So if you mute your kick microphones, the overheads will still get kick in them, as will the snare, tom, cymbal, and room microphones.

BFD emulates the exact situation you would have when recording a real drumkit.

You can’t just mute a cymbal channel and expect that cymbal to be fully muted. That isn’t how drums work. You would still hear the cymbal in all of the other relevant microphones - and rightly so. This is expected and is not a bug.

As I explained, the mute and solo you want to use for the behaviour you desire are these ones:


Only inside BFD. And what I tried, was only to lower the volume, for example of the crash. But now I know how to do it.

Thanks Drew, now I know how to do it. Only this was never necessary until now. After the last update, I played some Presets. And on some I was wondering, why the cymbal, ride or the crash was sounding so loud. Never had this experience before. And only those. Not the base, the snare, etc… So of course, my first impulse was, to regulate the fader down.
But what counts, there is a solution and it’s with more flexibility, than just to use the fader. So thanks all for your help.