More support for multiple libraries: Gain Normalization, add Direct Channel

When trying to use several libraries together, there are some problems: The Volume leveling across libraries is all over the place. BFD1 is over the top loud. Crush cymbals are way down. I have developed ways of dealing with this, but it is a problem.

Some libraries have no direct direct sounds for some pieces, typically cymbals. I understand that cymbals are usually recorded from overheads. I don’t care. A main advantage of electronic drums is to get separation. No direct channel makes this kitpiece impossible to swap with another. I have also developed ways of dealing with this, but it is annoying as all hell.

My request: A tweaks file that will allow ±40dB of range on each mic as well as the ability to create a direct channel from any of the channels in the source file (with similar gain range).