Monterey & Windows 11 Support

We haven’t tested BFD3 on Monterey or Windows 11 yet, so we don’t recommend upgrading to them right now. Once our QA team has had a chance to sign off, I’ll make an announcement here.

If you’re already on Windows 11 or Monterey and BFD3 is working fine, then there is no need to worry about this.

If you’re on Windows 11 or Monterey and BFD3 isn’t working fine (aside from License Manager login issues and authorization issues, which are captured in the other thread), let me know here and I’ll try to help diagnose.

I just wanted to check in as it’s unclear - should Mac BFD3 folks still hold off on Monterey upgrade?

I’m on an 2021 M1 Macbook Pro and I can’t get the BFD3 plugin running on Monterey. Not sure if it’s Monterey, Rosetta, or a combo of both. For now, if you have a working BFD3 setup, you may want to hold off on upgrading.

It sounded like Monterey support should be coming in early 2022 so waiting is probably your best bet.

Im already on Monterey and have been tidying BFD3 given it was working on Big Sur after the inMusic migration. For me it was the licence program which gave me all my initial trouble and that now seems to have settled down with the use of the latest licensor fix (v3.0.5.3).

Current challenge is to get the existing BFD2 content library correctly identified as licenced under the new licensor, then I can start using the BFD3 in real world tests under Monterey.

The FXspansion licenser (v2.0.1.14) identifies them as authorised correctly under Monterey.

I have already sent a PM with my BFD2 serial and details required to Drew, just waiting on response.