Monterey Mac M1 and Logic Pro

Hi All

I recently upgraded my MacBook from an old intel based (catalia) and Logic Pro. To my great surprise, BFD3 worked straight away both in stand alone and as a Logic plugin.
I had to re authorise, but no issues here with LM. Then just had to re scan the data files and off we went, all working well.

Have to say I feared the worst, but all good!!!


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Are you running Logic native or in Rosetta? A lot of us have had issues running BFD as a plugin in Logic when Logic is running native (the fix being to run Logic itself in Rosetta). But in my case I nave neither upgraded to BFD nor Monterey because so many issues have been reported. Was waiting for a clean M1-compatible release.

It all worked perfectly here on an Intel MBP under Monterey. Not a Logic user.

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I used Logic under Rosetta2, as BFD3 is an intel based app.
I initially ran BFD3 stand alone before trying Logic.

OK, thanks. Most (all besides BFD3 that I know of) plugins that are not native will still run if Logic is started native (not under Rosetta). I guess the Logic plugin interface can run the plugins themselves on Rosetta while Logic is native. However, nobody has gotten this to work with BFD3 to my knowledge. Still awaiting a version that is either native or runs successfully under native Logic as a Rosetta plugin.

That being said, your success with Monterey is good to hear - I didn’t think we had achieved confidence that we could upgrade to Monterey and safely run BFD3 with Logic running on Rosetta on an M1.


Does latest beta version of BFD3 (3.4.4) work under Rosetta running Logic in native mode on a Mac M1?

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No. You must run Logic in Rosetta to run intel plugins.