Monterey & M1 Compatibility update anyone?

Just about to buy a new MacBook Pro with Monterey and the M1 Pro silicon chip, and transfer everything across using the magic of Apple.
Is BFD3 compatible with Monterey and the M1 Pro running native, and if not then does it work using Rosetta?
My DAW of choice is Studio One

It technically is not supported. However, I’m using it. There are two different versions of a License Manager that work differently at least on a Mac. I have the more recent M1.

The LM version with the last extension .2 will authorize the things from the standalone, and work hosted in Cubase or Nuendo here. IE: it will eventually find the login at my account inMusic and refresh the auths.
If I use the .3, both parts of that are kaput. This one will only work from the plugin hosted in VE Pro, whether eLicenser or iLok version. It won’t work from the LM without having gone into VE Pro, which is a bit weird IMO. It might connect with the login, but after it refreshes the auths it reverses it immediately.

Scenario 1 there, the performance is truly good. I’m using a preset with 10 cymbals, and this is a fairly large project otherwise, and there is almost no breakup or dropouts. Today it occurred a couple times but only for a short moment. Scenario 2 is so bad it’s utterly impossible to work.

Some people keep both LMs and use them in two separate scenarios.

None of the above is running native.

Thanks for the info. So long as it works with Rosetta then that’ll be ok for the time being.
I notice you said you’re using it with Cubase and Nuendo.
I use Studio One - does anyone have experience of Monterey and Rosetta for BFD when used with Studio One?

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