Modern Retro articulation question

Can someone confirm, do the Modern Retro snares have snare Drag articulations? I’m seeing the exclamation mark next to Drag in the list of articulations.

Modern Retro snares have no drag IIRC.

I just checked and was really surprised at the lack of articulations.
I’m wondering how old this pack is but I’m sure its age isn’t the reason for so few, even BFD1 snares have more.

Some of the snares are just ‘hit’ and nothing else.


That’s a shame. Indeed that is kind of odd, considering BFD1 does have drag. Drag really is essential for creating drum parts that have groove. I know you can make your own with maybe 32nd, or 64th notes at ver low velocities, but that’s a pain over the course of an entire song. I guess I’ll probably be swapping the snare if I use these kits.

Yeah, it’s just Hit, Rim, and SS. You can fake it, but as you say, it’s a nuisance.