Modern Retro And BFD Eco

The Modern Retro expansion advertising specifies that it has BFD Eco compatibility. When I installed it though, there is no option available for downloading the Eco version. It’s also my understanding that BFD Eco is no longer supported by InMusic. So how does this all sort out?

It’s an older expansion, originally from Chocolate Audio ported over to BFD. I believe Eco compatibility just means that it will install kits and presets in Eco format? It has nothing to do with the samples. It will install all the BFD formats and whatever BFD version you’re using will use those that are applicable. Not entirely sure, but someone else can correct me.

I have Modern Retro, but I delete kits/presets that get installed under Eco, or BFD2 formats, so I can’t check.

When I run the Modern Retro Installer, it forces me to check off the “BFD3 Only” platform choice, before it will go any further, which I find odd. There are no other choices available.

The last build of Eco ( was able to play the BFDLAC format and so it was compatible at the time with all of the BFD3 expansion kits but Eco is no longer supported and so those kits can’t be licensed for use in Eco.

If you have the older version of the kits along with the fxpansion licence manager they should still work.
I have both Eco and BFD2 installed with their original libraries and the old licence manager is was still working last time I checked.


I suspect you are correct here. But why then is Modern Retro STILL being sold as BFD-Eco compatible ??

It shouldn’t be. That needs fixing!

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