Mix Export in Cubase - Cymbals Cut

Exporting a mix in Cubase 12 my cymbals cut tails all over the place. Never the same twice. Have tried offline mode, real time export, buffer changes… absolutely nothing works consistently. The program I have loved for years is now causing me to have to change things AFTER I SEND TO THE MIX ENGINEER. I am exporting multiple times and still noticing things wrong. Our whole album was created using your software and this is driving me insane. What has happened to this program?

Full system specs please. Buffer sizes, soundcard, sample-rate, etc. Everything.

Are you on the latest BFD3 build? There were users who had this problem with earlier builds a year or so ago. Are you using a dedicated samples drive, if so what interface and speed? If you have enough memory, try loading samples to RAM and see if that changes anything.

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Mate, I have the same issues using Cakewalk as daw. Cybals cut or crackling… my work around has been exporting drums using bfd3 standalone. So after I’m all set withe the DAW I save bfd preset and close everything. Start bfd standalone, load preset, go to groove view and then export all tracks I need as wav. Hope this helps.

Yes, I am on the latest build. Yes, I am using a dedicated SSD for samples. I am using real time export and offline mode and have managed a clean export, although I do have to check the cymbals all the way through each song to be sure.

Sorry for the delay.
Cubase 12. Steinberg UR44. 44.100khz. Buffer 384 samples.
BFD3 stream and ram buffers set to 65536. Everything is on high detail.
Windows 10. 32G ram. Library is on a samsung T5 USB 3 SSD.
Let me know if you need me to go check more. I am fairly time poor to be honest. Cheers

Could you try lowering these to something like 8k or 16k? Does that help at all?