Missing presets and kits for Taiko expansion

i have had to reinstall all packages/expansions again from LM but i seem to be missing presets and kits for the Taiko expansion that i know of so far. i have found the three voices in the hi hats and all drums listed as snares lol and although the title of the package/expansion is “Taiko Percussion” i have nothing showing or listed under the ‘perc’ tab lol

could someone be so kind as to remedy the installer to place things properly or maybe give me a copy of the kits and presets to see if THEY can find the kit pieces. i have found under each of the installed audio kit pieces the info.xml file is listing them as snares and all classified as BFD2 so i am not sure what is/has happened. maybe the old kits and presets call for the pieces as all snares or looks for the file name under snares. this is really strange because this is the only expansion i know of so far that is doing this being native BFD (haven’t looked at the 3rd party expansions thoroughly yet.) any help would be appreciated… really love my Taiko drums

finally found the taiko presets (and some others) @ C:\Program Files (x86)\BFD Drums\BFD2\System\Presets lol… so even after removing everything and reinstalling via the LM downloads i STILL have a mess with everything all over the place. apparently they used the old installers and changed to “BFD Drums” folder as opposed to “Fxpansion” so everything is being tossed around just like Rail and the lot did in the past. i’d suggest inMusic rework all the installers if they can. from the Gearslutz forum, here and other places… quite a few are having troubles pretty much the same as i am.

i appreciate the fact that inMusic has a small crew working on this and i also appreciate their efforts but it does not cancel out the fact this is a mess to say the least. hopefully in the future they have the source files and will completely make new installers for all expansions so possible future customers can avoid the headaches.