Migration Window before Program Crash w/ MACOSX / BFD3.4

After having moved over to the new provider there happens to be some migration window to migrate fxpansion folders or such. I don´t know what it does, if it is an automated process searching for older fxpansion folders or such.
After clicking to start the intended process, BFD3 crashes immediately.

I am working on BFD3.4, newest version.

Below you see my usual attempt in forums to upload some screenshots, sorry for the lack of it here

As always, THX to everybody for fast solutions to get to work with Drum Programming…

“Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-12 um 15.30.18|593x282](upload://3Y4Stk9OTbbDRZhLueo52UQf8YB.png)”
“Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-12 um 15.30.06|506x189](upload://s6ob44HVPgEQ16vqi2IhIm0lwDJ.png)”