Midi mapping is broken in BFD 3

Pedal hats do not work.

Created a midi map from instrument in Cubase and no Pedal hats are listed and every midi key I played,I could not find a pedal hats sound.
BFD 4 fix the broken midi mapping of BFD 3?

I am on Cubase Pro 13,Windows 11 Pro.

The order of operations for me is to always have BFD3 mapped to the drum kit so I’m hearing the notes being played in the drum software. Once that is happening, you can proceed to map it in the DAW. But that doesn’t mean everything will get picked up when switching from kit to kit. It’s not a “no brainer” as one would like.

I use Cubase 13 as well — and also Studio One; my BFD3 pedal mapping works in both.

Whenever I’m working with my V-Drums in any software, it’s usually an adventure setting it up and getting it just right.