MIDI mapping Alesis Crimson II

Hello! BFD noob here :slightly_smiling_face: I just bought BFD3 and some expansions thanks to the huge black Friday promo. Thank you BFD.
I have an Alesis Crimson II and I’m having trouble getting the hi-hat and pedal working.
I am using the Crimson II preset which I’ve tweaked to get the tom’s working but I only get an open hh sound when I hit the hh with the pedal closed.
Does anyone use that combo and have any tips?

Check this topic…


Welcome @CHASER and thanks for passing that info along. Hopefully it helps out OP. That was funny how you slipped in the inMusic DRM thing at the end.

Thanks for the Welcome !
I have been using BFD since around 2003/2004 and Alesis since the 1980’s (and ownership changes…Numark,inMusic).Alesis has been partners with BFD before.I have numerous TriggerIO’s that came with BFD software (Eco) , mapping ,special .syx files etc since around 2007/2008 when the USB Kit came out after the DM5 pro.
John Emrich is a member but hasn’t posted much.The last time I had any communication was when he started as the Sound Designer for Alesis after NFUZD and acknowledged working for Alesis and did the last 10-15 kits for the STRIKE Module and the final v1.5 released with the STRIKE Pro SE (2019) and has since been promoted to Director of Product Development for both Alesis and Headrush…

I have been monitoring this forum and unfortunately the InMusic BFD roll out is a sort of De-ja-vu as it reminds me of the STRIKE…“Not Ready for Prime Time” release and all the issues that ensued.
The Forum was excited about BFD being acquired and speculation about any involvement with the STRIKE module,but since there hasn’t been an update in years or any communication (Alesis (inMusic) doesn’t acknowledge the alesisDRUMMER Forum) and Retailers are starting to list the STRIKE series as “Discontinued” , the module “No Longer Available” and losing a Patent Infringement Lawsuit with Roland in the last week or so (couple Black Eyes since the STRIKE released) it is doubtful.
The recent Command/Surge SE kit releases include the BFD Player and I figured I may as well start getting involved as I am sure there will be questions here and in the alesisDRUMMER forum when the BFD Player is released early 2003 like the Hi Hat MIDI mapping one in this Topic .The main question I am sure will be if it is a “Dumbed Down” version (BFD Eco) for use with e-Kits with specific expansions…minimal velocity ranges,Hi Hat etc.If there was a piano roll on the bottom it would be similar to Kontakt.


BFD Player is similar in scope to Eco, without any of the limitations.

  • No velocity limitations
  • The complete BFD engine under the hood, but exposed to the user in a more user friendly and simple way.
  • Preset based. The user sees what the sound designer has … erm… designed.
  • 4 macro controls in the mixer that offer sound design possibilities.
  • Packs will always have ‘Original Mix’ presets so you can route out into your DAW for processing.
  • Plugin UI scale: 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, and 200%.
  • Attractive drumkit view that builds drumkit layouts like “lego”
  • Selectable keymaps, but no editing of them at launch.

Once it launches, we’ll be keeping a very close eye on how it is received, and that feedback will help formulate our roadmap for the next few years.

BFD4 still in design phase. BFD is a separate IP to Alesis, we’re not tied to their products, we will continue to support other drumming platforms.

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Will we be able to use existing expansions with the Player?

That is the dream. It won’t happen at launch, but eventually that is totally my aim.

Thanks @CHASER

I was hoping someone else would have already gone through all of this in the past and offer a key map preset that works :slight_smile: Surely I’m not the only person in this forum who has a Crimson II and BFD 3?!?!

Both have been around for a long time so it’s not like I just discovered a new bug or something. :slight_smile:

I will try InMusic support chat next week. I had a good result with them getting my CII HH to work with Logic Pro X so I’m hoping they can help with this too.