Metal Snares. Sonar snare very lopsided on all the mono direct mics

Is it me or is the Sonar snare in the Metal Snares pack very lopsided on all the mono direct mics

What do you mean by lopsided?

As I understand it, each of the direct mics should be mono signal, however each clearly sound’s and displays on the meters as a stereo signal biased to the right.

Post a screenshot of what’s happening with the channel meters if you can.

Is this in stand alone?

It sounds like you’re expecting to see a signal on only one side of the meter for the snare channel?
Is that right?
If that the case, then it happens with every kit piece.

I could be wrong but I don’t think yiu see that untill you route them into your sequencer where you choose mono or stereo as your output.


That is what I see. Everything seems to be in order.

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