MacPro no longer completes Scan (vst or standalone)

I have a PC and a MacPro. The PC scans the libs and runs fine in VST or Standalone.

The MacPro for some reason no longer scans properly. It scans for about 3 minutes or so and then crashes.

A “Reopen” gets the same results. An “OK” and restart from the Applications folder gets the same results.

Can I manually (outside of the app) remove all the library links and start a new/fresh scan? Remember this is on Mac not PC.

There were some bugs in the early v3.4 that caused scanning to hang. AFAIK those seem to be resolved, although perhaps there’s something residual.

I found that I could get through it by scanning each library one at a time.

I don’t have the opportunity to scan individually as soon as I open BFD the scanning automatically starts.

edit: apparently a log-in to inMusic profile and this step of 'allow BFD Drums License Manager to connect with" are essential. otherwise I had half-authorized presets and such.

Is there a way to delete the entire database from the finder level so it can do a clean scan??

I’ve asked this same question of Support. Never got a straight answer. Mac version is useless to me until I get an answer to this question and am able to get a fresh scan.

My PC version is working as (cough) advertised.

UGH, I’m in that loop of it trying to load a database, then crashing, and I can’t delete the old scanned locations… ARGH.

Ditto. Support was of no help. We need @BFD_Drew to tell us what to do on both PC and Mac.

The key point for me on MAc is that Standalone or VST (etc) immediately goes into scan mode and I cannot stop it to get to the state where I can delete all the paths.

Support keeps telling me to just delete the paths I don’t want. And so I tell them the above sentence and guess what? The tell me to just delete the paths. Circular discussion.

well, that’s not helpful :). There’s got to be a .plist, or com.xxxx or xls file somewhere in the Mac Prefs to delete. (ps… I’m on Big Sur/2020 Mac Pro, blah blah)… Just having a hell of a time with it all… ALSO had to do clean deletion and installs of Cypher2 and Strobe 2 to get them to work as well.

FYI I’m on MacPro 2012 Catalina

Well… I tried deleting all the preferences files from ~users/name/Preferences. Deleted them all, then ran License Mgr again for a refresh… I figured the com.bfddrums.bfdpaths.plist would do it. Still crashing. Don’t suppose it would do any good to upload a crash log?

I also got rid of the com.FXPansion. plist files… now…why are there FXPansion as well as BFD ones that seem to be duplicates???

Crash log?

Support never asked me for that.

Look in User/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/. Data Paths.xml and BFD_User_Preferences.pref are probably what you want. I’d back up that entire directory and blow it all away, and then start from scratch.

I don’t think it does. For some reason, I came to the conclusion that the .plist isn’t the golden source for configuration, and is generated by config that is stored elsewhere.** Don’t ask me why they’d do it that way. Maybe it’s just how the Apple API works.

**The gory details, if you care to know, are that I have this weird thing where standalong sometimes shows up way at the bottom. This goes back to v3.3 or earlier. Anyway, I tried to fix that in v3.4 using Xcode, and found my changes to the plist were simply overwritten.

The FXpansion ones are for FXpansion BFD, i.e. v3.3. They’re completely irrelevant to BFD Drums BFD, i.e. v3.4.

Oh, that’s not new. That goes back years.

ahh… I’ve never had to dive that deep into it :). BFD has been flawless until recently… Now its stuck in a crashing loop trying to build a database and its DOA for me :frowning:

I think if you blow away the prefs in that directory, you’ll probably be fine. I doubt very much that there’s more to it than that.

@kafka thanks so much for your insight. I simply blew away that directory and then the list was empty upon starting up the standalone. YAY! Then I did a scan of BFD samples folder and TA-DE-F’IN-DA all is well.

WTF support couldn’t tell me that is beyond belief when I remember asking [paraphased] “is there a way to simply delete every entry in the list and start over with a fresh scan?”.