macOS Monterey VST3 strange behaviour

I have Monterey installed on two machines, one is a Mac Pro 5.1 that I had to install OpenCore in order to keep up to date. On that machine Cubase 13 Pro runs BFD3 like a dream.

The other is a MacBook Pro (no OpenCore). Cubase 13 Pro does not see BFD3 at all, it used to but since the last update of either macOS or Cubase it doesn’t see BFD3 anymore, it used to run smoothly on there too.

My question is how is it running on one machine with same OS and same version of Cubase but not on the MacBook, is it because of OpenCore, surely it can’t be the reason?

What year MBP, 2015? Would it have something to do with the Intel GPU being active instead of the Nvidia? Does BFD3 have Full Disk Access in Sys Prefs?

Yes - MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), BFD3 has full disk access too. Strange.

I assume you’ve tried uninstalling, restarting and installing BFD3+LM again? Trashed BFD3 Prefs? That worked for me a couple times with launch crashes, but my DAW was still seeing/trying to load it.

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Not sure what VST3 has to do with this but have you checked the Cubase blacklist? On a recent Mojave reinstall on my Mac Pro 5,1 I had to click to enable BFD3 from the blacklist and then it was all ok, no open core on that one either.

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Thanks for the help guys, @snplmn

Dunno why I didn’t think of this as I have had to do it before, brainfog I guess… worked a treat.

I did re-install first (but didn’t uninstall etc). Has also worked for me too in the past.