M2 support for BDF

I am abit confused as I thought BDF was now available for Silicon? When you go to download the installer the choice is either windows or Mac, there is no option for arm64 version. Would I need to email Drew for the beta version? I saw BDF advertised on Boutique and it said it now had m1/m2 support? thanks

I think you just download the Mac installer — I just reinstalled my BFD3 going to Mac M1 Ultra (I chose not to wait for M2 since I got smoking closeout deal last month). It works perfectly so far, been having to go through the reinstall drum kits which were already on my sample drive, since they have to be authorized on the new machine. I just moved from cheesegrater INTEL mac to M1 Studio Ultra 64GB/1tb, so totally same boat.

Oh… duh! You need to download the BFD License Manager app. The 'Mac" version is correct one, here:


thanks Neotrope. The only thing is when I download the MAC installer it asks if I want to open it with Rosetta, which means it won’t be running natively?

Hey @sooma007

That’s just for the installer itself. BFD3 will run natively


Beat me to it. What @cmoore Chris said :slight_smile:

You will need Rosetta eventually for other stuff. Luckily once installed, the License Manager just runs normally – it’s not like there is some big annoying “you must now launch wrapper to run this, click okay, and pray for rain…” – I totally forgot it even used Rosetta after install. And as noted, BFD latest runs natively. (yay)