Loudness or not

do you guys use the loudness feature at all? i find turning the loudness to zero makes the drums feel a lot more natural for some packs. others more like 50 percent. i go back and forth thinking i like to adjust it and just going with it turned off.

Interesting. Haven’t tried it but I will give it a spin.

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Living Room Rocker

I use it all the time, specially on the snare and kick to help them cut through mixes with lots going on, it’s a great feature, tweaked right it produces excellent results.

Me too. But more for setting/adjusting the dynamic range and MIDI-response of the instruments. Essential BFD feature, I find.


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That’s the intended way for it’s use for sure, essential indeed. Listening to what those controls do when soloing different kit pieces is really interesting, specially on fills and hit hat grooves.

The way I mentioned is great for getting kit pieces to cut through without actually having to pump the volume up and cause peaking.

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