Lost in migration

during migration from my Fxpansion account to the new in music acount my 3 Zildjian expansions seem to be lost. Creating a customer support request on the Inmusic site seems impossibly. How to sort things out?

If you had Zildjian SP1, SP2, and ZP1, then you need a copy of Zildjian Digital Vaults Vol. 1. If you cannot get the support form to work, please mail support@bfddrums.com and we should be able to get you setup.

You going to get us set up with equivalent expansion packs for the BFD 1 & 2 content that the official FAQ says wont work in v 3.4?

Yep, that’s definitely the plan!

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I can’t contact in music customer support either.

It seems none existant - and very frustrating.

Doesn’t seem to be going very well.

Hi Drew,

there has been no reaction from support@bfddrums.com since 4 days. Any hope or is support just nonexistent?

Good to know. Any progress on the awful inMusic website where our accounts live?

I posted elsewhere on this forum about this, but, Drew got me sorted out via private message.

The inMusic user portal/website is useless. Use the BFD License Manager for everything, including registering new serials acquired by making purchases through BFDDrums.com. That’s also where I think I got the license manager in the first place (not inMusic’s useless website).

all my packs got safe thru the migration, I’m only missing the older products like BFD2!

I assume you know by now that you can send Drew a private message to get access to BFD1 and 2. I’m still waiting for a response but assume I’ll have everything back to normal ina few days.

hi, yes I did wrote him and his reply was quite fast!