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So having migrated over upon receiving an email telling us to do so it seems like everything was in a state of confusion on this forum from those who posted. The general consensus was the decision to wait it out a couple of weeks and see if Drew & Co could get things sussed out and sorted. Now that time period has pasted and it’s time to check back in which was prompted by an email from FXpansion wanting to sell more drum expansion kits, WTF?

Clearly until there’s a clearer vision in sight that all of the nightmarish issues have been acknowledged and solutions presented one would imagine investing more into this otherwise great software would be a bad move. So this post is just a general one to question those users if things have improved and if so where to find the cohesive list or details regarding what is actually going on with this shift. Does anyone have a clearer picture of what’s been resolved or how to proceed in terms of having a solid fail safe experience and as of today is there a latest release with whatever bugs needed to be addressed?

Also why if the product was sold is there an email blast from the former company?

Thanks in advance for reading and hopefully a clear response for either users or Drew or both… Cheers

Hey @GreenwoodStudios, and welcome.

I’m just a user like you. I went through the migration. My observations:

  • If you have BFD 1 or BFD 2 (or both), you have to manually send their serials to Drew so that you can get new serials for the equivalent Eldorado and London Sessions packs. (Since BFD 1 and 2 are discontinued products, unsupported, their serials are not recognized in the “new situation”. Yet, their content has been packaged as Eldorado and London Sessions respectively and available for sale for people that didn’t buy BFD 1 or 2 back then.) This was my biggest problem - now solved

  • Most expansions, from what I’ve gathered (I owned just one) will migrate with no problems. It seems that fxpansion’s serials convert automatically to bfd serials. If you have some special zildjian expansions from way back, you will have to send Drew your serials again, so that you are given serials for a more modern package of the same sounds.

  • License Manager. This should be first, but I put it here. You can, for the time being, have both BFD 3.3 and BFD 3.4 installed on the same system. BFD 3.3 will be authorized by Fxpansion’s License Manager, and BFD 3.4 by BFD Drums License Manager. BFD 3.4’s License Manager currently requires internet access for BFD 3.4 to run. Bug or not, this is a fact.
    Maintaing two installations of BFD and settling on a folder structure of installed content so that you satisfy both versions takes some effort. (plug-in versions is also something to consider)

So, for me, on my own system, with 3.4, everything BFD related now works as it did before the migration (except the always online part)

Regarding the e-mails. I don’t know what’s going on, but fxpansion does not sell the expansions. If you follow the link and click on an expansion, to buy it, you will see that it says This BFD product is now available from www.bfddrums.com. So no sales are being made over there. Why fxpansion still lists the product, I do not know. Someone directly involved with the companies should answer that.

Edit: If I had to guess, it would be that BFDdrums doesn’t have the emails of people that owned just BFD1 or BFD2, but an fxpansion email will reach them and “remind them” of expansions, BFD 3 etc etc.



Thanks ever so much. While this whole thing doesn’t make sense your primer most certainly does and as well we have the Z cymbal collection too so excellent to know. Thank you!

  1. Migrate it all over

  2. Whatever expansions are MISSING after that PM Drew with your FXpansion serial numbers for those and he will give you the new BFD serial numbers.

How do I pm this Dew guy?

.@BFD_Drew Ignore the period in front. Or you can find him in a post and click on his name and then click message in the menu that pops up.

Thank you very much for your help!

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