London Sessions expansions

Hello guys!

I would like to know your opinion about London Sessions?
How versatile is it? Are there presets and kits to use?

Thank you!

I think he’s asking about the BFD3 Version…
Hopefully there will be a BFDPlayer Category soon…

The BFD3 Support page doesn’t mention the Kit/Preset count…but there are 25 Presets and 10 Kits…

BFD London Sessions contains over 80 kit pieces including 10 Full kits, 8 hi-hats, 23 cymbals, and 16 snares! Some highlights:

Ludwig 'Spiral' Vistalite was once owned and played by the late John Bonham.
Ringo Starr's Black Oyster Ludwig kit that was used on a number of classic albums.
DW Collector's Series
Gretsch Round-badge
Tamburo Opera
FX house kit: 70s Rogers XP-8 with Bosphorus hihat and Brady jarrah wood snare
Plus kits from Pork Pie, Orange County, Pearl and Fibes

BFD3 London Sessions FAQ page

Ooops, my bad. Thanks for catching that

London Sessions has 25 presets, there’s a lot to go through. There’s a lot of good stuff, these are the presets:

and these are the kit presets:

Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 11.12.41

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Thank you so much guys.

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