Loading drum causes multi outs to revert to MASTER

I think I raised a ticket on this last year… (or maybe not).

Anyway, is it just me (user error) or does loading a new drum (or kit) cause the individual outs to revert back to master?

I have a multi out mixer set up. I delete unused channels which gets rid of the unused snare and kick groups. So far so good. But when I load a new drum (kick or snare) it reassigns BOTH the kick AND snare channels to their groups and brings back the kick and snare groups which are set back to master. So I have to reassign the outs again each time I swap drums.

I think it also happens when loading kits or kits from presets (with loading mixer disabled).

If it’s not user error (it might be) I’ll raise a ticket…

OK I think I’ve solved this by deactivating the slot function. It’s not visible in the ‘drums’ browser (only the ‘kit’ browser) which is why I missed it when loading individual drums.

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I thought I had solved this, but it’s still doing it.

I’ve tried disabling the slots etc when loading… and there’s an option in preferences which seems relevant. But it’s still doing it.

If save a preset with multi outs then when I reload the same preset into the same project the kick and snare revert to ‘kick’ and ‘snare’ and the two busses appear again which are routed to ‘master’ (outs 1,2).

If I have a project with multi outs set up and I just close and reopen the project BFD also reverts back to the snare and kick busses. So each time I reload a preset or open a project I have to go in and manually reassign the snare and kick to mono 1,2,3 etc and then ‘remove the unused channels’ to get rid of the snare / kick busses.

I’m sure it must be user error (not a bug) because BFD 3 is hardly a new product. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

I think the busses for shells will always be there, regardless of custom routing and they will still be routed to the master, even though there is no audio passing through. That might actually be the problem… when you delete the busses and load that preset again, BFD3 is auto-adding back the busses (because they have to be present?) and it reverts the directs to default as a result. Try keeping the shells busses assigned to the master with your multi routing and see if that helps when you reload the preset.