Load Logic key map on startup

is there a way to load a default key map? I mostly use BFD in Logic X as output for the Logic Drummer so it would be great to automatically load this key map.
Thanks in advance

I just loaded the Logic X keymap, closed BFD3 and opened again and Logic X is still loaded. :thinking:

Have you tested to see if yours does the same?


You need to load and save the Logic keymap with your presets. Alternatively, once you have the Logic keymap loaded, uncheck Maps from what is loaded with the presets. Then as you load presets, the keymap will stay on Logic’s.

Thanks for the quick replies. Actually I thought it would work like that because it did in pre 3.4 versions. I think I didn’t set up everything correctly as this update reseted my old settings (which I haven’t touched for years). So I must have forgotten to uncheck the “key”-button in the presets-section …
For now everything works as expected again :+1: