License Manager won't load BFD2 for Authorization

I upgraded to License Manager and then upgraded to BFD3.4.3.7. Now my BFD2 is not showing up in the license manager and won’t work within BFD3 anymore. It only works if I put it on a new track in Logic Pro or in stand alone mode. The BFD2 serial number will not work in the new License Manager in order to authorize it. The BFD2 kits show up in BFD3, but are grayed out and not authorized to be used within BFD3.4.

How do I get it to integrate back into BFD3.4 like it did before?


BFD2 the actual software won’t show up in the LM as it’s no longer supported but it still runs fine if you have the original .WAV file library. IT can’t read the new BFDLAC file format so if you’re wanting to use the BFD2 libraries in BFD3 you need to follow the instructions above from Kafka.

I have BFD2 and BFD Eco.
For what it’s worth, BFD Eco is able to read the BFDLAC format


Thanks, Steve. BFD Drums support responded and set my license manager up with the London Sessions. After the install, BFD2 and the London Sessions are both working from within BFD3 now. I don’t own BFD Eco so that wasn’t a problem. Thanks again!



I love that in order to “prevent spam”, we have to all submit 5 spam posts to get to a level where we can get the needed support.


Not so similar twenty characters.

One more? Again? How many do I need? (oh shit, this one was too “quick”?)

Welcome to the world, where things no longer make sense.

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20 characters of hoop jumping

trying to get my BFD and BFD2 content working again in BFD3 since the migration @BFD_Drew

hi i also need new serial numbers. how do i privet message here?

There’s some kind of process where you read enough and make enough posts, and then when it determines you’re not a robot, it will let you PM other people. Just post in this thread a few times, and scroll through a couple of other threads slowly, and I think then the PM button will appear somewhere.

You can also email your old serial numbers to, and they should get you updated serial numbers.

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Here are the official rules for getting bumped up a level so you can message:

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By reading they just mean slowly scrolling by a post. So 10 minutes and you’re good to go. No posting required.

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Looks like I’ll be messaging too! Finally bit the bullet and updated to from BFD2 to BFD3 and Inmusic to wait 3 weeks for a response for a ticket still not responded too! so will need serial or copy of LONDON too! Can see my files but ‘NO Authoursation’.

@Jonny Try messaging Drew on here with your request for a BFD2 replacement serial. He was ill recently, so not sure if he’s up and about yet or not, but I gather he generally will get you a serial quicker than inMusic support will. Hell, try both.

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Thanks appreciated … yeh just did from another post

@Jonny I meant private message, not tagging. Those he will more likely respond to.

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cheers yeh new here and just got passed to do so

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Trying to … it’s hard work! lol