License Manager Will Not Activate Licenses Again

I use BFD3 about once a month, and almost every time I open it I have deal with licensing. Here I am on Friday night, and I can’t play my kit because BFD3 is making me authorize again, and again it’s broken. When i click authorize, it says authorization successful, but then it refreshes the products and I’m still not authorized and BFD3 will not open. Please advise how I can use the product I paid for, and please make the super annoying licensing go away permanently. I should be able to work 100% offline.

It helps us to help you if you give us details. Computer specs, OS, bfd build number and license manager number. Daw u r using

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Try logging out of ur account then log back in.

I tried log out/in, and tried rebooting after, same result. I’m running on Windows, it’s the latest version of License manager. I’m not even trying to open a DAW studio, just BFD3, and it fails saying that my licenses aren’t valid. So the license manager pops up, it asks to renew my products, i say yes, it shows “successful” with the green checkmark next to each, then it refreshes products and goes back to red unauthorized state.

Same thing happened to me 2 days ago. I tried everything under the sun, including re-installing, but nothing. Then the next day, everything was fine. Made no sense and it’s unacceptable. It’s like their servers are choosing people at random to f#ck with and then have a change of heart.

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It may have to reup when someone is due up and has to authorize

And now I turn it on a few days later and it’s working, didn’t even need to refresh licenses.