License Manager says none installed but the expansions are there

Been using BFD3 for many years with the exception for 2021-22 when after changing my Mac to an M1 machine the App wouldn’t find my presets and kits. I tried for a very long time to get it right but didn’t manage to sort out all of the problems.
So 1 year ago I resorted to SD3 and it has worked fine. I have a couple of expansions but I like the sounds in BFD much more.

One month ago I got the latest BFD3 beta from Drew and I read some very informative posts from Fender_Bender on where to place the different components from my old Mac, and voilà, there were my presets, kits and sounds! Everything worked fine with the Beta (build .27).

Now I have installed the latest build (.28) and the BFD License Manager (latest says my expansions are not installed, even though they are authorized. But the kits, presets and sounds are there and everything seems to work.

I feel I will get into trouble again sooner or later if I don’t download and install these expansions, even though they are actually working. And some of the installers (Sixties Motown, Gretsch Round Badge Soul and others…) will not open on an M1 Mac so that will be impossible anyhow.

How do I solve this weirdness?

I’m pretty sure this is a known issue.
I’ve had the same thing for almost a year and I’m sure I’ve seen others report the same.
I just don’t think it’s that high on the to do list.


This happened to me as well. I think the only thing you can do is re-install the expansions again. It’s only a visual thing and doesn’t affect using the expansions at all. Honestly, the only thing that you realistically will need to see installed is BFD3 itself. I don’t think any of the older expansions will get updates.

I think I tried messing with one of the preferences files showing installed expansions, but I can’t recall if I had success with that or not. I think in the end I just wound up re-installing everything again.

So I’m guessing reinstalling them did the trick?


@Steve63 Not sure if you were replying to me, but if so yes, installing the expansions again will make them show as installed and up-to-date in the LM.

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I’ve go so many expansions it’ll take me all week to download and reinstall them all.


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Thanks guys, I think I’ll just sit down and do nothing then. :+1:

Has there been any official reply to that issue elsewhere?
After reading a lot about licenses disappearing, I´m kind of relieved that BFD3 (fingers crossed) is working very well for me (dare I say, a lot more stable than in the olden days), but it´s still weird to have the license manager show only 2 out of >10 expansions as “installed”. I´d very much appreciate an option that lets me right-click any “authorized product” and then select the path for it.

@BFD_Drew , any hope this is going to get fixed sooner or later?

Downloading >250GB again is really not an option :sweat_smile:

I doubt we will see a fix for this issue with the LM. I think their plan is to eventually ditch the LM in favor of the inMusic software manager, that will cover BFD3, Player and all the expansions.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try editing this file. Make a backup copy first.
On macOS, the path is: users/Library/Preferences/com.bfddrums.bfdlicensemanager.plist

Open it with a text editor and you will probably see something like this below, for the products you have that show as installed. Basically just add these two lines and replace the 5 character product code on both lines for the expansions that don’t show as installed for you. They are the first 5 digits of your serial #'s. Save the file when you’re done editing and restart your computer. I think it works, but it’s been a long time since I tried.

<string>BFD Drums/BFDHP</string>

Thanks a lot for digging that out, I (and my ocd :sweat_smile: ) feel adventurous enough to try that when I’m back home later that week. I’ll post my success here afterwards.

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Unfortunately, that doesn´t seem to work (anymore).

The com.bfddrums.bfdlicensemanager.plist does contain the strings you mentioned, but that does not 1:1 translate to what the license manager shows as installed. Entries in the file are “not installed”, entries not in the file are “installed”.

Those expansions that are shown as installed are now apparently based on additional plist files, one per expansion, like com.bfddrums.bfdbo.plist (for “Bfd Orchestral”) or .bfdfm (for “dark FarM”).

Let´s see whether ( @BFD_Drew ?) this will be changed without me having to re-download a big pile of expansions :-/

Best advice would be to just ignore it.

I’m sure it’s fixable but it will be way down on the teams todo list with the development of both BFD Player and BFD4 on going.

As long as all your expansion kits are working then it’s safe to ignore it.