License Manager Problem

I have BFD3 installed and the paths appear to work. However the license manager would not accept the license I have for BFD v1.5. BFD3 displays a License! button in several places that I presume are related to the older content. The license key is valid and included in the original CD. How can I resolve this?


Thanks, will check it out.

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Nobody responded. Who else can we go to?

You sent a PM to @BFD_Drew asking for replacement serial #'s? How long ago? I wouldn’t expect any response on a holiday weekend, that’s for sure.

I sent it about 4-5 days ago, but you’re probably right. It looked like someone viewed it so I wasn’t sure what that meant.

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Hopefully next week then. If not, you can try the BFD Facebook Group and contact Drew there, or maybe try the inMusic support. Drew is/was also on a KVR thread about the inMusic BFD acquisition. That’s how I got my replacement serials. Took 20 minutes from when I PM’d Drew.

Ok, will do. Thanks.


this is my issue

is the server down or something wrong with the program?