License Manager issue registrate product

This morning I’ve bought the expansion pack Jazz Noir on BFD’s website. While I was ordering it, I’ve put in one of my email adrresses. But this was not the email address I’ve bought other BFD products with (I didn’t knew…). So now I still can’t download / registrate and use the Jazz Noir expansion pack…

The activation code won’t work in my current license Manager with other BFD3 products and I can’t open another License Manager next to this one.

I’ve already send an email to the support of InMusic but still didn’t hear a thing. I can’t change my email address of this last product to my other email address because my other email address already excist.

Is there another fast solution?

The technical support have solved the problem.

I have just had the same problem. Somehow bought Percussion Library with my work email address and InMusic created an account with that email, and now my new expansion is in the wrong account.Waiting for help! Can’t wait to use that library!

If you purchased it through a third party retailer, then the email address wouldn’t matter… you just need the serial that they provide. They will have way better deals than the BFD Drums store anyways.

Cheers mate. Unfortunately I bought it direct from BFD website, as they had the best price on Percussion. I can access the serial with the account that got created by mistake, but it seems BFD already registered it to that address, so I can’t install it on License manager as it is hooked up to my regular email address. Thanks for trying to help!

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