License Manager Downloads Quirk and Improvement

If License Manager doesn’t find the files at the specified download path, it wants to automatically download them again. Every. Single. Time.

Wouldn’t it be more sensible if Content required manual confirmation to initiate the download? I don’t know how most people manage their files, but I tend to keep the Installers at a separate drive, sometimes an external one, that is not always hooked up to the system. Having to stop the downloads manually each time after I move around the content installers is cumbersome.

(Or… remember if a download has been initiated and completed once, and if it has, don’t download automatically again.)

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Yes, it’s yet another annoyance with LM.

I always delete all the installer files after I’ve installed them.

I noticed this behaviour with the new LM after setting up my laptop.
I left some of the installers in the download folder, as soon as I deleted them the LM stopped trying to re-download them.


So you’re saying it’s good with

Assuming we’re talking about the same thing. :thinking:

It works for me with both builds and it only happens when I haven’t deleted the installers.

I don’t see any reason to keep them once I’ve installed them.


Let me check this again and get back to you.

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I had this problem. I could have sworn I deleted the installers and it downloaded them again. That might have been with though.

If your on windows the licence manager will download the installers to your download folder by default.
C:\Users\YOU\Downloads\BFD Drums

I think I had started to download a couple of expansion kits and then cancelled them, but next time I opened the LM it commenced downloading without my knowing so I deleted the installers. I thought I had had cancelled the download but maybe I didn’t. :thinking:


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I set my download folder to a different location on another drive, might have caused a problem. Maybe I’ll try moving the Installers and see what happens but there are more important things to worry about.

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False alarm. I think it tried to download the Core Library again when I was trying to update to 3.4.1, and I thought it was keeping the old behaviour, but no, it’s ok now.

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Ahhh but does it work offline yet?

Sort of. I disconnected the router, powered up my computer. Observations:

  • Launching BFD. No problem here. (No disabled screen)
  • Trying to load a preset, nothing loads. (The relevant channels are created in the mixer, but no drums are loaded.)
  • Trying to load a Kit, nothing loads.
  • Trying to load individual drums, it works. It loads them up ok.

Edit: After some restarts, scratch that.

  • Plug-in doesn’t work offline (disabled in Cubase)

  • Most kit pieces are removed from the database after a message box complained about their licenses. I can still use some pieces (Mardi Gras kick, Mapleworks, some snares, some hi-hats. But not workable at all.

  • When I got back online, I needed to rescan everything (thankfully it worked first go) because I was getting triangles all over the place.

So, no. Doesn’t work off line as we’d expect yet.

Yes, this is pretty annoying and it still does it for me after the latest update, even when you delete the installers from the downloads path. LM is a quirky little …

Actually, for all of the BFD4 suggestions I had, how could I forget about LM?