License Manager continually trying to download things

Hi all,
Has anybody noticed license manager continually trying to download things?

I re-downloaded and installed / authorized a bunch of things after the transfer to InMusic - I have most things working, but see license manager always scanning for updates and saying that I need to download and install things I already have.

For the hell of it, I went ahead and re-downloaded / installed and authorized items, just to see if that would cease License Manager from doing it again, but to no avail. It still did it afterwards.

I’ve also reinstalled license manager, but that didn’t do the trick either.



It appears to be a LM state problem. To fix that particular problem, I made sure I got one good download installed and authorized, then archived one completed download and deleted everything else in the BFD download folder…

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Did you go to the Download tab and hit the X to delete things you’ve already downloaded? Try that if you haven’t.

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Hi… Thanks. Yes, I did do that. But the next time I open license manager, it searches to see if any updates are due, and starts downloading again.

So it’s re-adding downloads after you’ve cleared them from the download tab? If that’s the case, I would check the download folder location and delete any partially downloaded files that may be there. If there are completed downloads that you want to save, I would try moving them to another location, because I think you should try emptying the download folder completely to see if it solves your issue.

I experienced this too, and then it stopped. And then it started again.

I can only assume this is just more bad design in the LM that we may never see fixed because “who cares”.

Thanks… will check that out!