License Manager Confusion

I am setting up a new Win 10 with BFD1, BFD2 and BFD3. I feel as though I am dealing with 2 different companies using 2 different License Managers. If I use fxpansion’s license it will not authorize drums from inmusicbrands, and vice versa.

Are there 2 existing companies, and what about the bfdddrums website? Obviously, one must be a legacy site. We have that at Cakewalk, but I have never had a problem downloading old software mixing with the new software, they even use 2 different download programs.

In my old Win7 computer I have all 3 versions of BFD and I never lost any of the kits. I still don’t know how to download BFD2 into the new computer. If I download a version it doesn’t include the kits. Also, it is a very slow download site.

I just installed BFD1 from the DVDs. Can’t authorize it. Don’t know if I have BFD2 on DVD or just can’t find it.

Unfortunately, I am working on projects with kits from all 3 versions and can only use BFD3 kits. I can use some help. Thank you.

I guess you would need an older copy of the fxpansion LM although I suspect it might not run even if you did have it as it might not be able to connect to the FXpansion server any more.

I have BFD2, BFD Eco and BFD3 all running fine on my desktop but I suspect if I had to install them again I might not be able to. Luckily they were unaffected by the windows 11 upgrade.

I just checked in on BFD Eco and noticed that a lot of the kits that I was able to use before the migration are now unlicensed so I’ve had to remove them from my library.


Good news (I think)
I just checked into my old fxpansion account and there at the bottom of, ‘my registered products’ there are 2 versions of the LM. The old legacy on from 2016 (version and new one dated 2020 (version

I’m guessing if you use the legacy one you should at least be able to licence BFD2 and possibly BFD1.

I would do that first and then install BFD3.



The older 2016 download gave me a 404 page not found error so it’ll have to be newer one.


The other day I downloaded License Manager 1.1.11. Unfortunately, it is not helping me. It doesn’t recognize BFD1, but does list BFD2 (version with the serial number and BFD3 with a serial number. Status is OK on both. If I select Authorize all products is says Sorry, License Manager could not find any products with a valid number but no authorization. Sounds a bit confusing.

I’m still trying to manually figure this out. I also think that I am bothered by the fact that I can’t use drum kits that I paid for and used for 15 years. I’m not looking to use either old versions of BFD, I only want the kits.

The old BFD1 and BFD2 kits are Eldorado and London, respectively. Send your BFD1 and BFD2 license numbers to @BFD_Drew or, and they’ll put licenses in your inMusic account for Eldorado and London. After that, you can install them from the BFDdrums LM and use them in BFD3.

Also, did you go through the account migration procedure over at FXpansion? There’s a button you press on their support page to migrate all your licenses over to an inMusic account. There are instructions around somewhere on that. I think you have to use the same email address for both, at least through the migration process, or something like that.

Ah, for some reason I was thinking you wanted to run the BFD1 and 2 software, hence my answer. :roll_eyes:

As @kafka pointed out BFD will issue you with new serials for Eldorado (BFD1) and London Sessions (BFD2)