Liceense Manager path in BFD3

Hi Guys…
I recently updated the License Manager to (Running Windows 10)
I was trying to authorize one new pack…but in BFD… when I click license it’s still pointing to the old version of LM in the “x86” folder.

When I click ok to find the new path… I can go to the folder but that .exe file is not showing… even though it’s there if I just find it within Windows. But within BFD it doesn’t show. Ironically I am able to see “other” .exe files, just not the BFD .exe file I need.

I’m not able to select “view all files” - the only selection available is to show only .exe files.

Is there a way to make BFD point to the new path in the BFD preferences?


I would try uninstalling the LM and reinstalling, otherwise I think you’ll need to find the path in the registry using regedit and pointing it to the current location of the LM.

Make sure you’ve got BFD3.4.x.x installed, BFD License Manager - not FX License Manager - version and above.

Basically, a lot of the issues we see are users who are trying to continue to use the old version of BFD3 with the new version of License Manager, or vice-versa.

Please make sure you’re fully up to date.

Hey Drew - finally getting back on this - I was able to update everything and get the packs authorized.
Thanks for the Tip.
Now my BFD2 content is greyed out. :sweat_smile:
I just downloaded the latest version of that…I will poke around the forum to see how to get BFD2 in the new License Manager.

@timtoz BFD2 will not work with this BFD3 and LM. You need to get a replacement serial from Drew, or inMusic support. There’s a sticky thread about it. Send a PM to them with your inMusic email address and BFD2 serial#. When you receive the new serial, register it in the BFD LM, not through your inMusic account. It will show there after the LM registers it.

Cool thanks FB… yes I did see that after I posted and did email Drew about it.
Looking forward to correcting that issue.

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