Libraries just wiped out

Not just bfd but all superior as well.

Parent folder has just disappeared from drive. Haven’t got a clue why (Possibly something to do with Cubase. After closing it the libraries disappeared cubase stating cannot load due to corrupt libraries).

Any one any suggestions.

Going to try and re down load everything and re install tomorrow.


Superior is in its own location folder and has nothing to do with BFD unless you installed them all in the SAME folder which would be really stupid

Try opening Cubase in SAFE mode then see. Trash Cubase prefs as well maybe

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Thanks for the reply shanabit.

I know the locations.

I have a separate audio drive bfd in one folder and superior in another.

It’s like the contents have just been deleted

Toontracks manager is showing 55 products not installed that where there just 20 minutes ago.

Can’t check bfd licence manager yet. But content has disappeared.

Cubase, and for that matter windows has been behaving oddly since the last updates - in that the audio has been unlistenable Clicks/pops etc but correcting it’s self only to do it again. All buffer settings are right - just to check them I run with several high and low options.

There’s not really a lot I can do until tomorrow. I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar problem or just me.

Thank you beforehand -

Please keep suggestions coming in case I’ve missed anything

I’m pretty sure (100%) it’s not a bfd issue - it’s just as the bfd stuff disappeared as well.



Windows won’t let me re install - so I have an even bigger issue than first thought.


Almost seems like the DLL for your stuff got zapped so Superior nor BFD know where to look now.

I would def unplug the drive, reboot. shut back down and plug in the drive then boot back up and see what ya get

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Can you access the drive normally in explorer?

It sounds a lot like you have an issue with drive itself.

Is the drive letter the same as a before?
I have heard of them changing before and going awol.

Here some drive scanning tips.



Thanks for that Steve.

I’m checking it out later - I fear you may be right, but I’m not 100%.

I know this forum is for BFD only - but thank you in advance for help in this issue.

Any more Ideas for me to try would be most appreciated.


@Murt I agree with Steve on this one, it really sounds like a hardware failure of some kind.


I wasn’t 100% last night but I had an uneasy feeling that’s what it was.

After checking this morning I pretty much convinced.

The drive disappeared all together. Vanished without a trace.

I’ve contacted Scan and I’m awaiting a reply.

Nothing else I can do now on this - Only to say thanks for the feedback I’ve had - every little helps.

I’ve got partial backups - but they need updating.

So I guess it’ll be a long download and re installation if and when it gets fixed.

Not too money friendly these M2 drives, and I’ve got two of 'em. Both 4TB.

Still - shit happens.


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Sorry for your trouble man. Are you using heatsinks? Which brand and model of NVMe? That’s the danger with this type of storage… they just die and don’t give you any warning, whereas HDD’s generally give you ample warning. I’ve been using a KIOXIA XG5 for my sample libraries that I got for cheap and no issues so far. I’m running at half the speed with PCIe 2.0 though, so it’s not gonna get as hot as it could.

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This seems to have just died. Only six month old/ 4TB Sabrent Roc 4 Plus PCIe4. Second library drive is also one of these but, fingers crossed, it’s still goin’. My main drive is another M2 but thats a 1TB samsung.

The other one’s still goin’.

To be honest these, at the time where the only ones available. I have to say they’ve been fantastic up to this point. I can only think it’s a manufacturing fault waitin’ to happen. I just happen to get it.

I was previously, with my last PC using SSD. But the PC was old. Another Scan model. Fantastic service. 13/14 years with only one drive failure. But it wouldn’t update (windows shite and all that). I have the SSD’s from it for back up, but didn’t get chance to update the back ups before this went down.

Sadly, Cubase didn’t give me any crash logs it just kept turning off. So I had very little warning apart from the occasional crack and pop in the audio, which I mistook for buffering problems.

Still, it all helps to get and give advice where possible. Things are expensive enough for us novices.


Well, good luck. You should be able to get an RMA and get it replaced.

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But sadly, that’s not the world we live in these days.

Still, we all live with some sort of hope.