Latest version installed, content locations set up but no samples loaded

Happy new year!

Today I installed BFD on my MacBook Pro M1. I experienced authorizations issues. That means all my products are authorized in the license manager but the bfd content locations show a different picture. All content paths are correct but some of the products are show license issues in BFD 3. When I try to load a preset no samples are loaded … no sound.

Can you clarify? What does your Content Locations page look like? Post a screen shot.

I doubt that it would be the cause of your problem but isn’t the M1 currently unsupported?

That said I think I have seen posts from a couple of people running one.

Can you load individual kit pieces?


I can just do nothing due to the issue that I’am supposed to be logged in to my in music-Account which don’t alter anything and makes BFD unusable right now. Even if I am logged in …

I will give it another try tomorrow.

If you have authorization issues, the first thing to try is logging out of License Manager and your inMusic Profile account, and then re-logging into License Manager and following the prompts in your web browser.

When I open License Manager I am asked to log in via web browser first …
After logging in I started BFD which directly claims that it can’t find the sample libraries although the external drive is mounted. I can’t access BFD. So I log out and log in again. All products are activated. I start BFD again and it still shows a message saying that content paths could not be found …
If I click OK nothing happens neither does clocking CANCEL …

A creepy event …

No I can’t do anything right now.

That does not sound like an authorization issue, but an issue of BFD not finding the libraries (which is also a common problem, but one that can be solved). As you mentioned above, all your libraries were authorized in the authorization manager. Did you try to re-scan the data paths, and add your data paths manually?

As you mentioned M1: I do have one, and I can confirm it only partially works, as M1 is currently unsupported. So BFD3 does not run natively on a M1, just in Rosetta mode. If you try to run it in Logic, you will most likely only succeed in Logic Rosetta. In native Logic (i.e. ARM version) it does not run here (well, it loads the plug in, but it does not show content, and some buttons are unresponsive). However, it does run as a Rosetta version.

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Yes. Yesterday when I had access to BFD I did a rescan. Paths were correct but some showed license issues although License Manger activated all products correctly.

I will try to open BFD within Logic under Rosetta.

Let us know how this goes!

Just to clarify: The products are authorized in the authorization manager (all “green”)?

So the issue is: You open BFD (standalone?), and then you cannot load any presets, kits etc., as they show missing kit pieces? → that would be most likely a data path issue

What happens if you try to manually load individual kit pieces (i.e. by hand)?

I would be super helpful if you can screenshot your issue, as your description is a bit confusing, i.e. it is not fully clear what the actual issue is.


This happened yesterday after the installation but it looked everything just normal but when double-clicking presets nothing happened no samples loaded no sound …

I missed do do that yesterday. Not possible today because BFD is locked (please log in … etc.)

That’s because it’s a bit confusing what happened after I could open BFD yesterday afternoon but since yesterday evening BFD is locked which can’t be solved by logging in and out of the License Manager.

As of now BFD shows a Lock Screen saying please log inn your in music account blah bla bla which I did … License Manager shows activated (green) products but BFD remains locked.

Processing: Ohne Titel.png…

Hm, can’t see the picture here…

Anyway, just to make sure: What version of BFD were you running? Should be

You will see this in the license manager when clicking on BFD3 there - and then in the lower section of the window, you see the installed version and the content installer version; you can also download the latest version there with the download button.

Finally, there are some descriptions of how to set content paths etc. here, just in case: BFD Drums

If you have it up and running as standalone, then try to load individual kit pieces - if that works, then, it’s most likely the data paths that are set wrong somewhere. Manually adding them solved a similar problem in my case (for some odd reason, doing that for the individual products helped, despite the global folder already being added in the data paths before).

Good luck - and sorry for not being more helpful and specific. Sometimes it’s really a bit odd how this works, and they have to do something about these two issues - data paths and authorization. Seems to be a recurring issue for many…

The data paths were correct! What happened was that I started BFD without external drives attached. So BFD asked and I cancelled the dialog. Since then I don’t get any access to the software no matter if the external drive is attached. BFD is locked, I can‘t do anything except uninstall and start from scratch…