Keyboard Shortcuts Deficiencies

I suppose that this post could belong equally well in the “Bug Report” or the “Feature Request” forum.

It seems to me that BFD3 is deficient in regard to keyboard shortcuts (KS).

The “Opens Preset” KS actually shows the Preset Page, not the expected Open File dialog (cf., the other “Preset” KS). Like the other page presentation KS - well, at least those that are not omitted due to developers’ overlooking their inclusion - this KS should be called “Preset Page”.

There are no KS to display the “Kits”, “Drums”, and “Auto” pages (i.e., views). These are all missing in action.

It seems that KS don’t work for the BFD3 plug-in, as the DAW consumes KS events. (Not sure what can be done about this, but goodbye to the convenience of using the keyboard instead of the mouse.)