Keyboard shortcut for kit piece info?

Is there a keyboard shortcut/key command that toggles the kit piece info in the Kit View page? I searched the keyboard shortcut list in Preferences but didn’t see what I wanted.


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Sadly not, I did ask as a BFD4 feature request that the info be a tick box in preferences you could have permanently on or off.

Fingers crossed.



I spent some time digging around inside some of the .skins and .prefs files, to see if I could make the kit piece info be turned on by default, but no luck. I did find the string for the button dimensions though, along with the pie chart button . There has to be a string somewhere that tells BFD3 to leave it off by default. I prefer to have it on most of the time.

But yeah, a shortcut would be most useful. Also, to show/hide the Tech/Model panel.


Yes, that too. I started adding that to the post but decided to keep it simple. Having both would be great. Wouldn’t that think would be too hard to add.