Key mapping for Roland TD-27

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Tried searching here and in le ole Google, but couldn’t find much. Does anyone use a TD-27 to trigger BFD3? If so, what key mappings did you use or did create your own?

TD-25 mapping seems really close but some things are a bit off (ride cymbal, hi-hat articulations), and I can’t tell if it’s because the key mapping is wrong or if there’s another avenue of tweaking I have to go down.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I think your best bet would be to load the TD-25 and keep tweaking it until it’s working.
This is advice I’ve seen from most e-drummers.

Obviously if someone has made one they can share then that’s great but my guess is it’s too new for BFD to have made one already.

This might help although I’m sure there are more.

Groove3 and ‘Ask Audio’ do some really good tutorials if you don’t mind spending some money on them and they’re quite cheap now.


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I just hooked mine up today and I would like to get more info on how to get it set up . have tried the TD25 and 30 … was using an EPro before and just upgraded.

Hi astrodave and welcome to the BFD forums.

There is a BFD3 Key Map Reference toward the end of the online manual (BFD3 Operation Manual). I had to play each pad into my DAW to see what drum (voice) is triggered per piece. Then I went into my DAW’s (Cakewalk) drum maps and made one using the BFD3 Key Map. There is a chance that your DAW may have a key map for your TD-27 (mine doesn’t).

For standalone, go to Key Map in BFD3 and you can easily make a key map by dragging the desired articulation to the matching (or desired) note on the piano keyboard at the left.

Hope that helps.

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FWIW, the TD25 was pretty close. I think I just had to adjust the hi-hat a bit.

To be honest, I gave up on BFD. It’s just been too much of a pain to get everything working. I was having additional DAW issues too, getting sample rate sync errors, even though everything was set the same and I had plenty of memory and CPU resources.

Ended up getting EZD2 and with the EZD3 upgrade that just came out, everything just works and sounds great.

Feel free to remove this post if talking about different products is against the rules, but this has just been my experience. I’m also not going for hardcore drum production; just need something to work for songwriting.