Key mapping cusomtisation

I just had a little play with BFDP - nice, thank you! Those are some great kits for free!
I take it that it’s not yet possible to add custom key maps? Just like BFD3 the preset keymaps for Alesis Crimson II don’t work completely but in BFD3 I was able to copy the preset and tweak it to work. Hi-Hat and Toms don’t work. I couldn’t see anywhere to do anything other than select a preset. I’m guessing that it may be on the roadmap but not implemented yet.

I had someone with the same issues.
My first post in this Forum was because of the Crimson II and the BFD Player released with the SE.
I fixed the Hi Hat…for RealHat Pedal…I haven’t checked for use with the Pro-X (FSR) in the Menu which is the same controller used for the STRIKE Kits.
If you are referring to Tom 3…I haven’t had time to figure out why…wrong slot etc.
The work-around is… the Core Floor Tom in BFD Player is mapped to Tom 4 in the module…
Change Tom 3 Head = 41…Rim = 73…in the module.
It will be correct in the Core Library and change to Floor Tom 2 in Dark Mahogany as the Toms rotate
from High…Mid…Floor , to Mid… Floor 1…Floor 2.
The Hi Hat should work well…No changing MIDI Notes in Module.
The original Crimson Module actually has a Dual Zone Hi Hat that can be activated

Place into the maps folder…To keep things original the file is named Alesis Crimson II 2…to keep everything intact.

In Windows
C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFDPlayer\System\Maps.

I had some time…the Map is now correct…a working Variable Hi Hat and Toms should work with Core/Expansions (so far) with Module Default mapping.

Alesis Crimson II (1.1 KB)


Thanks and wow!
Unfortunately, as much as I like messing about and drumming I have limited time esp lately so I never looked closely into this but hopefully it will help someone else.
I’ve just sold my Crimson II as I picked up a battered Strike Pro for a good price. It’s next level! I have just been playing using the module’s kits which I could never do with the lower-spec kits and have only been using my laptop to play music to play along to as opposed to using it for the kit sounds.
One day I’ll get some time to mess about a bit more. In the meantime hopefully the MIDI mapping in BFD3 will get ported over to BFDP and/or BFD4 will come out. I’m not sure why the presets can’t just work though esp as they’re now owned by the same company! :slight_smile: