Key map toms strange behaviour

Hi all, I built a 8/9 piece DIY eDrum kit years ago, and have used it with BFD1, BFD2, and this year have upgraded to BFD3.4 from v2 since InMusic left us no choice. I found setting up a large kit preset somewhat

easier in BFD2, but trying to do the same and then tweaking and saving out variants of that preset I’m finding much more difficult in BFD3.4

My first custom big kit in BFD3.4 uses the Yamaha Oak Custom Expansion - it works well although I note on my Trigger i|o I had to switch around MIDI note assignment on the toms to get the new setup to work correctly compared to BFD2.

I’m now trying to modify that preset with other brand toms/snares etc, and I’m finding that the tom note assignment is not the same as on the Yamaha kit pieces. For my Yamaha kit the note assignments using YOK toms from highest tom to lowest floor tom are A#6, A6, G#6, G6, F#6, F6 - that makes sense to me because it’s sequential - if I load in as example the equivalent DW Mardi Gras Sparkle Toms the note assignment is slightly different with A#6, G#6, A6, G6, F#6, F6 - A6 and G#6 have switched positions. I’d prefer not to have to create multiple programs on the Trigger i|o for individual presets in BFD3, I would prefer to be able to reassign the default MIDI note for each indivdual kit piece, but I cannot see a way to do that - does anyone know if I can force a specific kit piece/artic to use a specific MIDI note? If I could do that I could change any kit pieces that don’t have the same assignment as the YOK pieces to be the same, which would make life easier

Cheers, Chris W, New Zealand

PS. yes, the DIY kit frame is wooden! The vertical stands are yard broom handles… :grin:


If you’re loading presets and you don’t want to change your keymap, turn off the ‘KEY’ button at the top of the preset browser.

When loading an individual drum using the drums browser tab, the note assignments shouldn’t change. However bear in mind that some drums have different articulations from one another, which could mean that a note that once made noise no longer does with the newer kitpiece.

I’m thinking particularly of things like rimshots, rimclicks, sidesticks, etc. There’s a lot of content going back to the early 2000’s, and quite a lot of inconsistencies and changes in the available sounds/articulations over all that time.

Bezos’s desk is still the old door from his garage when he started out, it works, why fix it lol

I managed to figure out how to clear a piece from a note, then use MIDI Learn on the kit piece to pick that note value for the kit piece - if I modify any other kits and find the note assignment is a bit strange I know what I need to do to fix it. :sunglasses:

Cheers. :+1:

I’ll improve it one day by building a robust metal rack that clips together - currently I have to unscrew about 30 wood screws that hold it all together if I want to move the kit. I’ll also paint the shells glossy arctic white, wrap some rim condoms around the rims to muffle wayward stick play, and most of all learn to play better over time. But for now it’s all good and a lot of fun to throw some headphones on, crank up some fave tracks, and drum along - the all up cost so far is well under US$1000 including the original acoustic 5 piece kit I cannabalized, BFD, and the Trigger i|o. Best of all my neighbours don’t even know I’m smashing a drumkit - I’m keeping the peace :+1:

Chris, NZ

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It looks great to me, very nicely laid out and looks comfy to play, what more does one need. I’d love that in my flat, very cool.