Just installed the Joe Barresi Evil Drums expansion - doesn't show up in BFD

First of all, big thanks to Drew for hooking me up with a serial number for the 3rd party expansion pack.

I used the BFD License Manager to download and install the Evil Drums expansion pack and it all seemed to work. I am using a Mac and point all my expansion packs at /username/samples/BFD/ so it installed a subfolder named “Platinum Samples - Joe Barresi Evil Drums”.

When I load BFD it shows the other expansions (Modern Retro,VRT, and London) but nothing about the Joe Barresi Evil Drums pack. No presets, kits, drums, etc. I tried rebooting. I’m not sure what the best next step is.

edit: solved. see below.

Never mind. I figured out what I was doing wrong.

I had to add the Joe Barresi folder explicitly to the list of paths and do a rescan. After that, the new drums were picked up. I think we’re all good now!

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