Just installed BDF Players - No presets found

Hello, just installed BFD Player. No presets are found in the browser.
There are installed in my Users//Documents/BFD Drums/BFD Player - Core Library/Presets.
In the licence tab there is “Core Library/No License Required” mention and my login is recognized.
I’m on a Mac M1 (Apple chip) with Logic Pro X (AU components).
I wanted to try it before moving to BFD3… That was a good idea.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hmm, not seen this before.
Have you checked the folder “Users//Documents/BFD Drums/BFD Player - Core Library/Presets” to see if they are actually there?

If not they’re not there, you could try opening up the DMG file with something like 7-zip or WinRar
(not sure if they work on a mac) then have a look in the payload folder and see if the presets are there, then copy (or extract them by hand) to you user/presets folder.


Hello, all the files are at the right location but not seen from BFD briwser

If you go to settings (bottom right corner) and then content, is the core library listed?

Try hitting the rescan all button and see if they show up.


Hello Steve, yes it is listed as Core library

Note, before posting my first message that I have also tried to copy manually one preset in the BFD Drums preset dir (the one without the Core in the name) and it did not show up even with a rescan

Can you tell me the name of the preset?

I have 14 presets for the core library and none of them include the word Core.


I think I was unclear. Let my try explain better:
I have two folders which were installed:
/Users//BFD Drums/BFD Player - Core Library
/Users//BFD Drums/BFDPlayer
Each one has Presets directory (and Groove) but all presets and groove are installed in the one with the “Core Library” name.
I’ve tried copying one of the presets (the 1st one in fact) in the 2nd Preset folder but it did not change anything

Right, the default presets that ship with BFD Player are the ones in the Core Library folder.

The other preset folder is for presets that you have created and saved yourself, so until you create your own presets, that folder will be empty.

Hope that makes sense.

I have my core library installed on a separate, internal SSD drive that is just for BFD Drums.
If you have a separate drive, or can get one, I would strongly recommend it.


I just tried to make it work by putting an official preset in the user one but it does not work.
As said at the begining, I have no presets recognized with default install and did not find a way to make it work, even with rescan, selecting a dir, copying presets to user preset dir…

I think at this point I would suggest uninstalling and starting again.

Do you have a second drive you can install it too.
I’m pretty sure something is wrong with your installation.


Hello Steve, a full uninstall / reinstall fixed my problem (now I see the BFD Drum Core label in my presets libs and everything seems in place).
Thank you very much for your support.

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