Joe Barresi Evil Drums Registration Problem

Hello @BFD_Drew ,

Since I am a new member, I apparently can’t message you directly, but I would appreciate your help in registering my Joe Barresi Evil Drums Expansion pack. The serial number is not working in the BFD license manager, and I see from other posts that this is a known issue. The same posts state to contact you for help. When/if you have the time, could you please help me out? Thanks!

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Hey bubonicnate - I think the forum basically has an anti-spam feature that doesn’t unlock PM capabilities until you’ve been on the site and browsed through some threads. It should send you an email when your “trust level” increases.

I also bought the Evil Drums pack yesterday and sent Drew a PM about the serial number. Out of curiosity, did you buy it as a result of my thread on flams?

I’m not going to bug the guy on the weekend, but hopefully, Drew will be available next week to field our requests.

@LawyerBillboards - I used to have the Evil Drums pack in a studio I co-owned with someone else and the BFD3 plugin and expansions left with my partner, and I’ve missed them ever since! I bought BFD3 and it still doesn’t have anything near as useful to me as the Evil Drum pack – Iwork mostly with punk and metal groups. I just checked out your post on flams, and I think the snares in the pack are top notch!