JnF Xpansion etc loads, but Jazz Noir Expansion doesn't

Hiya, long-time BFD user, but first post here. I’ve looked at other posts, but I didn’t see anything directly relevant to my problem.

According to BFD3 Content Locations, Jazz Noir is loaded. BFD License Manager confirms it’s authorised. But I can’t find it within BFD itself (stand-alone, or as a plug-in). Everything else is functional.

I’m running BFD3 V3.4.2.4 under macOS 10.15.4 (Catalina).

Sorry if I’m missing the obvious, but any help really appreciated.

The short answer is to download the expansion again through the license manager and reinstall it. BFD probably needs to see something that is missing.

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Also, have you checked to see if the actual kit pieces are there under the drum tab/library?
If so it might be that BFD3 hasn’t picked up the presets and you might have to look for them and move them or tell BFD3 where they are.


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Please make sure you actually ran the installer once it downloaded, rather than just adding the downloaded files to the Content Locations Panel - that will result in non-working audio data. The installer needs to run to be able to unpack to our BFDLAC format.


Just to let you know, kind people who responded, I’ve reinstalled everything via BFD License Manager onto an SSD that is just for all the BFD resources. It took me a long time, but that means I’m completely up-to-date, and everything seems to be working. Now, let’s make some music… :grinning: