Jazz Noire install issues

As “Submit” wouldn’t work on the completed Support form I am posting here. It’s my first post. Windows 10 x64 … this post will help me chase up the missing BFD2 content. Here we go …

After finally getting a working BFD3/Licensing Manager combo I have installed my incentive product - Jazz Noire.

I’m unable to find any documentation. In the content location I can only see the Audio/Camco/Camco Snare Brush Off folder which contains Half Edge and Hit sub folders along with an .xml file.

At Vintage Jazz Drum Sounds - Jazz Noir Expansion Pack for BFD3 | BFD the information states:"
Jazz Noir Vintage Jazz Drum Kit
An immensely detailed 1962 Camco drum kit played with sticks and brushes
A 20” kick drum captured in four different ways (inc. with damping)
The original Camco kit snare and a vintage Gretsch snare drum
A set of Istanbul cymbals
Fully dynamic kit ready for processing
5 kit presets to inspire your creativity
Perfect for all jazz styles

Licence Manager recognises the product and says it is authorised. BFD 3 shows the content location. I don’t see a Jazz Noire Library in BFD Kits. In my InMusic account for Jazz Noire there is a message saying there is no content available.

How do I know I have all the content? What are the kits called?

Please. Sent 20210801 2125 AEST.


Looks like it didn’t install properly. You should have 26 folders in the Camco folder. Maybe try reinstall?

I have 5 kits: Camco Aristocrat '62, Camco Aristocrat ‘62 (Brushes), Funky like Clyde, Sweepin’ Brushes, That’s Tight.

EDit: Sorry, I meant 5 Presets. :slight_smile:

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Technically while there should be 26 folders there is only actually one kit, one with, and one without brushes.

Here’s the list of what you should have.

Either it hadn’t downloaded properly or something else has gone wrong.
That said, if you went through the licence manager then the green bar should have completed giving you 100%

If you still have the install file you could check to see how big it is, it should be around 17.8GB which mine is.

For contacting support I don’t know if the web page ticket system is working and it’s been a long time but I would suggest trying support@bfddrums.com for duture use.


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Many thanks operandx and Steve for your help. All good now. I tried the Jazz Noir install back in April when the Licence Manager had a mind of its own … so yes an incomplete install it was. fyi the latest Licence Manager picked up where it had left off and reckoned it was a 13.6 Gb download when complete.