Jazz Noir Hi Hat Issue

I am getting velocity spikes for the Stick Hi Hat closed tip articulation in Jazz Noir. This is a random occurrence but it is consistently happening. It has no link to the velocity level that is actually being triggered. On my midi roll, I can see what the velocity for the note is so I know BFD is not actually being sent the maximum velocity when it happens. Basically it just sounds like the maximum velocity layer is being triggered randomly for any given note rather than the correct velocity layer that should be triggered. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Jazz Noir library ( I did not re-download, I just reinstalled from my original download ) but that didn’t help. I did not try uninstalling/reinstalling BFD3 as well. It does not happen for any other drums/articulations in that library (that I have experienced so far) or the BFD 3 stock library. Also, it happens in BFD standalone as well is in my DAW, which is Reaper. I just installed BFD3 and the Jazz Noir library last night so everything is up to date. I am on Mac Catalina 10.15.7. Any help appreciated. Thanks.