JAzz Noir disappeared

Just downloaded Jazz Noir, and it completed disappeared. Not in my products folder, not in the license manager. I have email that it happened but I have no ideal were it went and it doesn’t show in my license manager.

Hi. Are you on Widows or Mac? Did you search your hard drive to see if it at least installed?
You can get your license number from your account on InMusic and add it to the license manager, then you should be able to re-download your expansion, using the LM.
Do you have the latest version of the LM?

I got to work. Finally. Thanks!

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I can’t get mine to download past 8.3 GB for whatever reason and I’m very disappointed by this…

I finally got Jazz Noir to download and install after numerous restarts of my Mac Mini (Which had no trouble downloading anything else) and I can say with no reservations that Jazz Noir is very much worth the painful process.

Hopefully other expansion kits I purchase in the foreseeable future won’t be as challenging…

Also, why am I not allowed to make new posts in these forums?

Is this a systemwide issue and am I being singled out for my previous criticisms?

I think the downloader has a bug where it doesn’t know it’s finished. I saw this downloading the main BFD3 recently. It showed almost finished and stopped, although it was actually all there. The contents under the downloaded directory were all the correct size, and it all verified and installed correctly.