Is there allready a fix for: bfd3 has been disabled because this machine isn't authorized?


I was wondering wether there is allready a fix for this issue?
I’m working with reaper on a Windows 10 PC.
And this happens quite often.
Although the authorize proces does solve the problem for me, this is very inconvinient, because it is an offline computer.
BFD should work correctly on an offline computer, am I right?

Mick 12

The offline thing is probably the problem.


Some details please? When the LM is trying to refresh atm, is it likely to lock people out if it cant get online? Meaning that offline is now worse than having to refresh every 90 days, it means one cant stay offline at all as BFD wants to check online every boot up? Shouldnt we have 90 days of offline available? I forget where we are with this stuff atm.

Regarding the BFD auth checking: Does it do it every boot up of BFD?

BFD should work offline for 90 days before it needs to refresh the licenses. If this isn’t happening, it is a bug. I’ve not seen that here in-house though.

OK, thats what I thought. Thanks!

@Mick12 Are you fully up to date with your LM and BFD versions? Could you define ‘quite often’?

Hi guys,

Thanks for your responses.

With Quite often I meant multiple times in the last half to three quarter year. (3 times)

Because I’ve just been busy with installing my new PC (switch from Mac) and try all kind of music styles, I didn’t use BFD a lot the last year.

Therefore this error message occurred almost once every two times I started BFD.

I didn’t realise the possible presence of a 3 month license check.

So I thought it just happens very often. (the more you use it the more it occurs)
But I think it could be just that 90 days check and not as I thought a reoccurring bug.

It is a bit inconvenient for an offline computer, but if it is just 4 times a year, and not occurring randomly than it is not a real big deal.

The coming weeks I will definitely use it more often on some projects, So I can check whether it stays active for the next 90 days.

To be honest I don’t like it that developers don’t make it easier to keep software running on an offline computer. But unfortunately that is how it is nowadays. (I even had to skip some software that required constant internet connection)

Thanks again.

When BFD does the silent background check, and refreshes licenses automatically, is that every time its booted up? Once per day? How does that work?

I believe it is every time the plugin is opened and every time License Manager is opened. I could be wrong on that, I’d have to ask for specifics.

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Thanks, been wondering that since there was a thread opened up about going off grid.