Is there a way to force the LM to check auths and reset 90 day period?

Question is in the title. I’ve searched the forum and looked in the LM manual. No mention.

I just want to top up to the full 90 days before disconnecting from internet for extended period.


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Hey @MidiSauce

You should be able to deauthorize all products then reauthorize them in the license manager to get them back up to 90 days


Is there an easier (and less brutal) way, like a ‘refresh’ button?

Opening the LM acts like a refresh button.


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Opening the LM sometimes resets the auths back to 90 days, but sometimes doesn’t (obviously this is with internet connected). I also tried logging out and back in to my account. No change.

I can’t figure out what the rule is (or maybe it’s random). That’s why I was looking for some kind of quick ‘refresh’ button feature.

Everytime I open the LM — which I do every couple of weeks (if I don’t forget) — it resets all the authorizations. (Unless the InMusic servers are playing up, in which case I log out of my account and log back in, usually with good results.)
My resets are never for the full 90 days though, I don’t know why. Tried it again just now and I was granted 83 days. Sometimes it’s a few days more, sometimes a few days less, but never 90.


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It seems pretty random here!

Hey all

Just wanting to clear this up a little. So there are 2 situations in which licenses refreshes back up to 90 days:

  1. The user deauths a license then reauths it
  2. The license is going to expire in less than 20 days. When the license manager is opened, the license should automatically refresh and go up to 90 days (assuming you are connected to the internet)


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