Is the paradiddle right?

Ok, ultra-noobish question here, the type that you’re too embarrassed to inquire about.

So. Is the paradiddle right? When I use the paint tool, the second out of the first four notes that come out is the one with the highest velocity. Is that how it’s supposed to go? I would expect the first note to have the accent (since the arm raises a bit during the other hands diddle and comes down with more energy), but I’m not a drum techinque authority by any means. But since I find myself slipping the patterns one 16th to the left all the more often because it sounds better to me, I really have to ask. Does it work as it’s supposed to?

Hey man! How you doing?

The paradiddle it’s the first accented note and then 3 tapa.

Pa (accented) Ra (Tap) diddle (to tap notes with the same hand).

Hola Nacho! Thanks for confirming this. Could you check out this screen capture and tell me if the velocities look right to you?

I think that the accent it’s on the second note according to your video right?

Imagine this: when i play the paradiddle i play a full arm stroke in the first note, like a whip Motion. That would be the accented note, as soon as my right hand plays the “Pa” of the rudiment, my left hand taps and inmediatly my right hand plays to tap notes.

So, first hit would get the higher velocty, then the other notes would be with less velocities than the first one.

Pa (accented) ra (soft) diddle (two soft notes).

It would be cool to have more opinions here. I dont wanna ruin your work!

Exactly! And that’s why I posed the question. Because I can’t remember if it always worked like this or not.

Right now, I do use the paint tool, but after I’ve painted the hits I drag everything one hit to the left, so that the accent falls on the first hit.

Thanks Nacho!

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That does look incorrect to me, but these haven’t changed since 2013 when we released BFD3 I’m pretty sure! Can re-create them for a future version.

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Pretty please! The paint tool is so useful!