Is it possible to merge two inprofile accounts


Is it possible to merge two inProfile accounts? Each account uses a different email address. One account has my BFD software on it and the other account has the expansion packs on it. I suppose the other question is: Is it possible to be logged in to two accounts at the same time on one machine?

I’m curious… how did you manage that? How were you ever able to use your expansions at all? There’s no way to log into the LM with two different emails that I’m aware.

However, merging your products might be possible. I think it was clarified recently that there is actually no transfer fee involved with either BFD3 or expansions. So, at the very least, you should be able to transfer your expansions to the other account and manage one account from then on out. Though, as you can read below, you’ll see it might not be an easy process.

This user explains how he ultimately was able to transfer all his products to someone I’m assuming bought his stuff.

Has there been any update on this? I have the same issue. Have repeatedly contacted support and not one word responding.

My BFD Eco and BFD3 along with some older groove packs are on the old account (which until I upgraded both products today) I could at least open in the old license manager, but now that is broke, and a couple newer groove packs are under the new license manager through InProfile.

Not trying to transfer mine, just want everything in one place and working right.

Ignore my question. I did some searching, found the procedure and now have all of my products under the new license manager.

@Cbick Can you post a link so I can save it for reference if needed?

Sure, Here you go:

BFD Migration | Frequently Asked Questions (