Is BFD3 really not compatible with Windows 7?

My BFD2 computer is Windows 7, and I don’t intend to upgrade it, as it’s stable and not connected to the Internet.

I haven’t used BFD in years, but I’m revisiting it. But the fixed screen size of BDF2 is really a hinderance, as well as I can’t get audio export to work.

I’m open to upgrading to BFD3, but it says it’s only Window 10 compatible.

It says that because thats what it is :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is only Windows 10 compatible now. This was a decision made for technical as well as resourcing issues. We can’t test on every single version of Windows and OSX so there has to be a cut-off point.

Windows 10 and the last 3 versions of OSX is generally how we approach this.

Currently, BFD3 works on macOS as far back as High Sierra (which I’m on), which is 5 iterations I believe? Do you have an idea of what the minimum macOS requirement will be with BFD4? I’m hoping at least Mojave, which I can still go up to, but Catalina would take some tweaking with my classic Mac Pro.

I know this is old, but isn’t this an incorrect answer? I know certain kits (Horsepower, etc.) are not compatible with Win 7, but BFD 2 kits and whatever came with the early BFD 3.x work well in Win 7. I have been working this way for months.

I am happy to say my new Win 10/11 computer arrives the end of this month, when a new bunch of problems will surely rear their ugly heads.

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We don’t test or develop for Windows 7 anymore, so we don’t support it. It’s not the kits or expansion packs that are the issue; those will work on any supported OS. But BFD3 isn’t intended to be compatible or work with Windows 7.

If it does, that’s just luck and cannot be relied on as our official line.

This is from

What operating systems are supported by BFD3?

On Mac, BFD3 supports Mac OSX 10.9 or later versions. On Windows, BFD3 v3.2.3.3 supports Windows 7 or later versions. BFD3 v3.3.0.32 (Beta) supports Windows 8.1 or later.


ooo, that needs changing. Thanks for flagging up.

WHAT? I would have never purchased this if that was the case. I have Windows 7 and ran v3.1 with minimal issues for a bit. At the time, everything i read indicated BFD3 supported Windows 7. Once i upgraded to 3.2.33, a short time later BFD3 began crashing whenever i tried to change the output source. Never been able to use it again. Do i have any recourse, or is there a fix?
I’ve paid for Evil Drums, Oblivion and BFD3 and they’re all completely worthless at the moment. Am I just SOL? Haha, thanks.