Is BFD3 really not compatible with Windows 7?

My BFD2 computer is Windows 7, and I don’t intend to upgrade it, as it’s stable and not connected to the Internet.

I haven’t used BFD in years, but I’m revisiting it. But the fixed screen size of BDF2 is really a hinderance, as well as I can’t get audio export to work.

I’m open to upgrading to BFD3, but it says it’s only Window 10 compatible.

It says that because thats what it is :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is only Windows 10 compatible now. This was a decision made for technical as well as resourcing issues. We can’t test on every single version of Windows and OSX so there has to be a cut-off point.

Windows 10 and the last 3 versions of OSX is generally how we approach this.

Currently, BFD3 works on macOS as far back as High Sierra (which I’m on), which is 5 iterations I believe? Do you have an idea of what the minimum macOS requirement will be with BFD4? I’m hoping at least Mojave, which I can still go up to, but Catalina would take some tweaking with my classic Mac Pro.